¿eDuCaS o les eDuCaN? ©

¿eDuCaS o les eDuCaN? ©

domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Expresa tus emociones!

I founded it in the web-side.
I think it's reallly interesting.
Traducir esto no tendría el mismo significado.

"is thinking that people should say to the ones they love, "I love u" more often, say to someone that is important in your live "You are important" more often and say to someone that u miss "I miss u" more often. Because one day can come and its too late. Express what u feell! u gonna feell happier and lighter and u can create a smile and that where the real power remains. A power that can change lives in some little words...be honest, you never gonna loose anything for it, because good or bad its true."

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